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OX2 builds largest subsidy-free wind power project in the Nordics


25 wind turbines in four wind farms with a combined capacity of 107,4 MW will be built in Finland.

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OX2 and Prime Capital concludes wind power deal and takes over management of a wind farm in Finland


OX2 will do a technical upgrade and be responsible for TCM of 32 MW Posio wind farm.

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OX2 and Marguerite sign 42MW wind power deal


Marguerite has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of onshore wind farm in Brännliden, Skellefteå, Sweden.

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OX2 urges EU to increase climate measures


OX2 urges EU to increase climate measures in a joint letter together with H&M, IKEA and other Nordic countries.

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OX2 to build new biogas pretreatment plant in Helsingborg


The investment of approximately SEK 50 million is funded by OX2 with a contribution from Klimatklivet.

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The 2017 annual report is available


The 2017 annual report is now available in English. Browse and read more here.

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OX2 and Fontavis sign another wind farm agreement for Sweden


The agreement covers a wind farm in Sweden, consisting of nine Nordex turbines (33 MW).

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OX2 and Aquila Capital in major deal for 357 MW wind farm in Sweden


The financing of Valhalla project comprising 85 wind turbines has been successfully completed.

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OX2 sells 21.6 MW wind farm in Sweden to Fontavis


Fontavis has signed a purchase agreement with OX2 for six turbines at Stigshöjden with a total output of 21.6 MW.

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OX2 hands over Ajos wind farm to IKEA Finland


OX2 has commissioned and handed over the first large-scale wind power re-powering project has been completed in Finland, to IKEA.

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